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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on Human Rights
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Revised web sources globe 2

CHR Web Resources Highlighted in Nature

The February 14, 2019 issue of Nature magazine features a Letter to the Editor  by CHR Chair Martin Chalfie and CHR Director Rebecca Everly, highlighting the CHR’s resources for promoting human rights in science, engineering, and medicine.  These resources were developed as part of a drive by national academies worldwide to integrate human rights activities into their work.  We encourage you to browse these resources for information on how you can incorporate human rights into your existing work and to contact us if you have suggested additions to the resources. 



2018 Year in Numbers Infographic cropt image

Celebrating a Year of Achievements

The protection of human rights is essential to the promotion of scientific inquiry and the realization of human dignity worldwide. To celebrate some of our achievements in 2018, the Committee on Human Rights (CHR) has produced a new infographic – CHR’s Year in Numbers.

This work would not be possible without the support of members of the National Academies that serve as CHR Correspondents. 



  that studies crop
Criminal Case against 
Thai Scientists Dismissed
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Azerbaijani Political Scientist Conditionally Released from Prison

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  Anwar Ibrahim
Jailed Malaysian Opposition Leader Receives a Royal Pardon 
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