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 Professor Ahn Jae-ku Enjoys Freedom

The CHR has received a letter and photos from So-young Ahn, the daughter of former Korean prisoner of conscience, Ahn Jae-ku. We are pleased to share one of the photos and excerpts from her letter. Professor Ahn, a mathematician who had been imprisoned since 1994 in solitary confinement for peacefully expressing his political beliefs, was released on August 15, 1999. He is shown above with his grandson, who was born during his incarceration; excerpts follow:

". . . you may imagine the delight of my family. We live in peace after a long time. I am happy that I can meet, telephone and talk . . . with my father at any time. This is thanks to the National Academy of Sciences entirely.

  Ahn Jae-ku

I never forget the proper action of your committee, your declaration appealed to Korean people the concern
about my father as a mathematician. If there was not your efforts, my family would have met the 2000 years

. . . I wish you will always well and active, so you can give the great help to many people as to me. I transmit
the greatest thanks to your committee on behalf of my family."

All excerpts from a letter dated December 20, 1999.