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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on Human Rights
of the NAS, NAE, and NAM

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International Human Rights Network

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Network Logo 2011

  Participants at the Biennial Meeting, May 21-23, 2009

Derek Denton, Australian Academy of Sciences
KMS Aziz,  Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
Marie-Claire Foblets,  Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium
Belita Koiller,  Brazilian Academy of Sciences
Abdallah S. Daar,  Royal Society of Canada
Pedro León Azofeifa,  National Academy of Sciences of Costa Rica
Jan Palouš,  Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Ida Nicolaisen,  The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Juha Sihvola,  Finnish Academies of Science and Letters
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji,  French Academy of Sciences
Yves Quéré,  French Academy of Sciences
Rudolf Cohen,  German Academy of Sciences-Leopoldina
D. Balasubramanian,  Indian Academy of Sciences
Menahem Yaari,  Israel Academy of Sciences
Antonio Golini,  Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
Robert Ayan,  Royal Scientific Society--Jordan
Vytautas Ostasevicius,  Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
Juliette Ratsimandrava,  National Academy of Arts, Letters, and Sciences of Madagascar
Amarsanaa Jugnee,  Mongolian Academy of Sciences
Momir Djurovic,  Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts
Abdellatif Berbich,  Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco
Driss Dahak,  Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco
Pieter J.D. Drenth, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Pieter van Dijk,  Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Arne Haaland,  Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Ahmadou Lamine Ndiaye,  Senegalese Academy of Sciences
Alenka Šelih,  Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences
Peter Vale,  Academy of Sciences of South Africa
Arjuna Aluwihare,  National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka
Erling Norrby,  The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Harald Reuter,  Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
Yuan T. Lee,  Academia Sinica--Taiwan
Chao-han Liu,  Academia Sinica--Taiwan
Ovid Tzeng,  Academia Sinica--Taiwan
Paul Mugambi,  Uganda National Academy of Sciences
Michael Clegg,  US National Academy of Sciences
Felton Earls,  US National Academies
Chris Magadza,  Zimbabwe Academy of Sciences
Bengt Gustafsson (OBSERVER),  International Council for Science (ICSU)
Kotaro Suzumura (OBSERVER),  Science Council of Japan
Faouzia Charfi (OBSERVER),  Tunisia
Ahmed Esa (OBSERVER),  USA/Somaliland

 Carol Corillon, Executive Director

 Rachel Taylor, Coordinator