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H.R. Network Opposes Efforts to Weaken or Eliminate Vital Human Rights Activity at UNESCO
September 2010

The H.R. Network informed UNESCO’s Director-General in August 2010 that, during the past 18 years, it has written communications on more than 65 human rights cases and submitted them to UNESCO’s Committee on Conventions and Recommendations (CCR) through its confidential process. It noted that 50 of those cases were successfully resolved, while under examination by the CCR. It went on to tell the Director-General it had come to the Network’s attention that, “The CCR is in the midst of reviewing its working methods regarding the '104 procedure' established in 104 EX/Decision 3.3. Because we believe this procedure is uniquely effective in resolving individual human rights cases, we would like to make you aware of our strong support for the rules that govern it and our hope that no changes will be made that will in any way diminish their effectiveness.” View the Network’s letter here.