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Nature article titled “Human-rights shift under fire” mentions CHR, along with Joel Lebowitz (NAS) and recently retired NAS and NRC Executive Officer Bill Colglazier
July 27, 2011

With regard to a possible conflict between scientific exchange and human rights advocacy within scientific societies, Lebowitz said: My own feeling is that you should do both. . .; one should collaborate, but not overlook abuses.

The article then goes on to say: That's a view shared by William Colglazier, who retired a few weeks ago as executive director of the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which has an extremely active human-rights committee, and often pursues lengthy behind-the-scenes diplomatic efforts, often at high levels within governments. "The NAS's view is that both are extremely important," he says, adding that defending individual cases need not conflict with broader outreach efforts. The NAS is currently working on about 100 human-rights cases. The academy leadership strongly supports such efforts, he says, and they are one of the "most popular activities" with members. He adds that there is "strength" in having a number of organizations supporting any given campaign.  

Read the full article here.