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Verdicts Announced Today in Turkey’s Ergenekon Trial
August 5, 2013
The following sentences were handed down today to the six colleagues whose cases are described in the report made to the International Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies by mission delegates Carol Corillon, Peter Diamond, and Hans-Peter Zenner:
Fatih Hilmioglu – 23 years without release
Kemal Alemdaroglu – 15 years, 8 months
Kemal Guruz – 13 years, 11 months (He is also charged in the Postmodern Coup Trial, which is scheduled to begin next month. Meanwhile, he has been imprisoned for more than a year.)
Ferit Bernay – 10 years (He is free pending the decision of the appeals court.)
Mustafa Abbas Yurtkuran – 10 years (He is free pending the decision of the appeals court.)
Mehmet Haberal – 12 years, 6 months (He has been released pending the outcome of the appeal.)