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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Committee on Human Rights
of the NAS, NAE, and NAM

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Learn more about topics at the intersection of human rights and science, health, and technology. 

Preventing and Responding to Digital Threats     

The security of phones, computers, and other digital devices is a growing concern for many individuals who have come under threat, including researchers facing digital privacy and security concerns in Afghanistan. The online guide Confronting Human Rights Abuse profiles selected organizations that can provide information on preventing and responding to digital security attacks.

The following resources are also available to at-risk individuals:

How to Delete Your Digital History is a short guide that helps individuals erase their digital footprints, including cleaning their online profiles, to reduce the risk that they will be used against them by threatening actors.  Farsi فارسی      Pashto پښتو     Dari

The Umbrella App (iOS & Android) provides self-guided lessons and checklists for simple, practical steps individuals can take to stay secure when they work, travel, and communicate. Umbrella covers both physical and digital security. Available in Farsi فارسی via iOS, Android, Amazon, and F-Droid.

The Defenders Protocol is a high-level set of principles individuals can use when trying to take care of their physical safety, digital security, wellbeing and resilience. Farsi فارسی     Pashto پښتو 

Article 26 Backpack - The Universal Human Rights Tool for Academic Mobility has been developed by the University of California Davis to provide a way to safely store and share with universities, scholarship agencies, and even employers an individual's educational background, employment history, and professional achievement. Dari

"Internet Shutdowns and Blockages" provides guidance on preparing for internet shutdowns and censorship.  Dari