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Case Information: Nageeb Nagmeldin el Toum
PROFESSION:Medical Doctor
DATE OF ARREST:March 11, 2001

Summary and Current Status

On March 11, 2001, security forces detained Sudanese medical doctor Nageeb Nagmeldin el Toum for allegedly providing political information to foreign contacts. Dr. Nageeb is the director of the Amal Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Physical and Mental Trauma. At the time of his arrest, security forces confiscated the Center's computers, patient files, and other confidential documents. They reportedly returned the next day and confiscated medical equipment, a generator, and office furniture, without having a warrant.

Dr. Nageeb was released from Kober prison in Khartoum on March 29, 2001, two and a half weeks after his arrest. The Center's belongings that had been confiscated were reportedly returned on June 26. Since his release, however, Dr. Nageeb has been subjected to ongoing harassment by the government, including being interrogated by security forces in October 2001 and warned that he and the rest of the Center's staff were being closely monitored.

On October 10, 2001, security forces summoned Dr. Nageeb to their headquarters and interrogated him about the Amal Center. They warned him that they would be closely monitoring the Amal Center's activities for the next couple of months.

In early December 2001, the CHR received a note by e-mail from Dr. Nageeb thanking the committee's members and correspondents for their concern about his detention and efforts to continue his work at the Amal Center. He wrote that he has formed a new team of medical doctors at the Center and that, despite ongoing government harassment, they are able to continue to provide treatment to victims of torture.


Dr. Nageeb is a Sudanese medical doctor and director of the Amal Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Physical and Mental Trauma. Security forces arrested Dr. Nageeb at the Amal Center on March 11, 2001, and confiscated the Center's computers, patient files, and confidential documents. In addition, the security forces arrested two of Dr. Nageeb's colleagues from the Center, Fatih Abdel Rahman and Zienab Omer Ahmed. Both Mr. Abdel and Mrs. Omer were released after several hours of interrogation.

Dr. Nageeb is a prominent human rights defender and former secretary of the banned Sudanese Doctor's Union. He is also the representative in Khartoum of the Sudanese Victims of Torture Group, an international network of human rights NGOs. He has been detained by security forces a number of times since 1989 for his human rights work. Prior to his March 11 arrest, he reportedly was held incommunicado and tortured, as a result of which his health is believed to be poor. In November 2000, Dr. Nageeb and others opened the Amal Center to provide free medical treatment and counseling for victims of human rights abuses. It is reportedly the first center of its kind in Sudan.

Dr. Nageeb reportedly was initially detained at the security force offices in Khartoum and was transferred the following day to Kober prison. Sudanese officials reportedly alleged that he had given political information to foreign contacts. He was also interrogated about training courses that the Amal Center provided to students and doctors. Dr. Nageeb's detention may have also been used as a means to prevent him from attending a meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Sudan, Mr. Gerhard Baum. Their meeting was scheduled for March 13, two days after his arrest.

On March 29, 2001, Dr. Nageeb was released from Kober prison. Formal charges were never brought against him. He subsequently confirmed that he had not been subject to ill-treatment during his imprisonment. However, he reportedly was required to sign a declaration stating that his arrest was linked to technical problems at the Amal Center and that he would "not do anything against the law." The Center's files, computers, and other documents that had been confiscated reportedly were returned on June 26.

As part of what appears to be a general crackdown by the Sudanese government on civil society groups, Dr. Nageeb was summoned to security headquarters on October 10, 2001, and interrogated about the Amal Center's activities. He was warned that he and the other members of the Center's staff were being closely monitored.

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