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Case Information: Ashraf Ibrahim
Ashraf Ibrahim
DATE OF ARREST:April 19, 2003

Summary and Current Status

Ashraf Ibrahim is an Egyptian engineer who was involved in March 2003 in non-violent protests in Cairo against the war in Iraq. He was detained on April 19, 2003 when he voluntarily presented himself to State Security Investigations (SSI). Two days earlier, SSI agents had searched his home and confiscated his computer and other belongings. Once under detention, SSI agents reportedly questioned him about a range of issues, including his participation in anti-war demonstrations and his use of the Internet to obtain information from international human rights organizations and from the Arabic satellite news channel, al-Jazeera.

Approximately 800 anti-war demonstrators were detained by Egyptian authorities in March 2003. All were subsequently released with the exception of Mr. Ibrahim, who had been videotaping the beating by police and mass arrests of peaceful demonstrators. Mr. Ibrahim was detained without charge and held in solitary confinement in Mahkum Tora Prison until August 7, 2003. On that date, the State Security Prosecution accused him of leadership of an illegal organization, named in the indictment as the Revolutionary Socialists; of possessing and disseminating printed material relating to this group that threatens public security and public opinion; and of harming Egypt’s reputation by spreading abroad false information regarding the internal affairs of the country. With regard to the last charge, the indictment reportedly made specific reference to providing information on alleged human rights violations to international human rights organizations.

Mr. Ibrahim’s trial before the (Emergency) Supreme State Security Court started on December 6, 2003. On March 11, 2004, he was acquitted on all charges and released from prison. Amnesty International considered Mr. Ibrahim to be a prisoner of conscience

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